Drinks, fish, dairy as a survival food

There are several survival food which you have to consider when thinking in what to pack or stockpile. The dairy, fish and drinks are just some of the must-have. Bottle water will be quite important food to ensure that it is in your pantry. You will not be able to survive for 3 days without drinking water.
But you can also add powdered mixes which are calorie-rich which create vitamin rich waters, milk or just treats which are flavored. Even you can as well include the tang orange drink so that you are sure of getting 100% RDA of the vitamin C in an emergency situation in your diet. Plus you will be shocked that it has a great taste.
Such items are known to be lightweight and have a high trading value. They might as well double to become you medicinal supplies if you include the drinks which are vitamin powdered and teas.
One essential protein source that is mostly overlooked is the canned fish. You can be able to eat sardines, tuna, and herring straight from the can and it will make you to get all the rich nutrients that it contains. But it is not everyone who tends to get excited about having to snack on fish especially one which is canned.
But when you are starving, it is hard to have a picky attitude. After going for 4 days without food, it might end up becoming one of the delicious food that you will want to have over and over again. Plus when it comes to the survival food items, it is possible to stock up even when on a limited budget.