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Looking for a Pet store and a Grooming Service?

WAGSUP Pet boutique & spa is a Dog Bed that Provides All Kinds of Components needed to get Your pet and health spa services wherein your pet is dressed and cleaned professionally. Owning a puppy is not absolutely all you could want to give proper care and love to your own pet to allow it to feel in your home. Dogs are definitely the most faithful and faithful friend for individuals and the very least we are able to perform is care of them and providing them along with matters which make sure they are at ease and happy.

WAGSUP Boutique

Dog Bed Helps to Ensure That your furry friend gets better Sleep and stays healthy that can be extremely essential for your pet wellbeing. Encouraging your puppy to sleep at your Dog Bed is better for the own dog. WAGSUP features a vast range of collection of the Best Dog Bed to your pets to rest soundly during nighttime.

Comprises all types of items necessary for your betterment of animals. The boutique offers a collection of unique types of dog treats, products, toys, leashes, collars, bowls, beds, bags, and also several more. Toys perform an significant role in the pet dog’s life as they are not familiar with other puppies and thus do not have to play with enough. Canine toys fill at the gap that is missing from the dog’s life. WAGSUP has a variety ofBest Dog Toys in Canada.

WAGSUP spa has different grooming packages on your dogs or Cats.

• The health spa includes no case policy whereas the puppies aren’t locked up in the crate during the dressing table section.

• The Spa prevents jet pruning to diminish the chances of injury.

• To refrain from distraction the saloon has an insurance coverage of stating no to over-booking.

• Distinct toothbrushes for every single Puppy for cleanliness motives

• No sharing of towels, different towels have been provided for each cat or dog