Vacay at the Wine Tour Tuscany

Wine tasting is not simply wine tasting. It is not just some dish or beverage you are trying out for the first time. It is an experience. And adventure. To walk around the vineyards, smelling ripe grapes everywhere, adorning the whole place’s beauty, appreciating the greenery, savoring the carefully curated wine like it is an elixir – what do you call it if not an experience? It is as good as a vacation. You can spend some nights at a nearby motel while during the days, you would be roaming around the countryside place, tasting different wines made from all kinds of things that you would never have imagined. A wine tour Tuscany could also become a romantic getaway for your anniversary or simply if you are tired from working so much the whole month. There are no age restrictions. You can take your whole family to vacay there.
What activities are available?
Apart from wine tasting’s central activity, you can do many other things while staying near your getaway. After enjoying the wine tasting tours like a total immersion wine tour with the blind tasting, a full immersion wine tour with a mini-course, or a classic wine tour experience, you can indulge in some fun learning activities.

● Culinary experience and pairing – You can learn how to cook some of the signature Tuscan dishes. Spend 2-3 hours in this cooking class as a part of your wine tour Tuscany.
● Activities for children – While you taste various kinds of wine, your little ones can indulge in captivating activities like learning how to cook pasta, bake biscuits, and other activities.
● Painting – Learn how to paint on textile and ceramics. Paint nature’s most loved things.
● Off-road tour – If nothing else interests you, then you can go off on tour to adore the natural beauty that resides there.